Technical Energy Management with the Decentralised Energy Management System - DEMS

DEMS was designed by SIEMES in order to optimize energy generation and production within enterprises. For the SEMS project this system will be modified and adapted to operate a large number of small, decentralised energy generation and consumption units within the boundary of a local community. Therefore the same accuracy and level of control for save energy supply, as known from current supply will be reached.
The technologies that can be connected to and controlled by DEMS cover both RES and EE technologies as well as energy in the form of electricity, heat, pressure or potential. DEMS allows the implementation of both, Demand Site Management (DSM) as well as least cost planning on regional level and can take weather forecasts into account.
The various small and decentralised units are integrated through modems and data lines and can be centrally operated.
Aufgaben und Anforderungen an ein Dezentrales Energiemanagementsystem
Figure: Tasks and requirements for Decentralized Energy Management Systems – DEMS (Source: IZES gGmbH)

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